Optimal approaches and criteria to treat-and-extend regimen implementation for Neovascular age-related macular degeneration: experts consensus in Taiwan


Cheng Cheng-Kuo,Chen Shih-Jen,Chen Jiann-Torng,Chen Lee-Jen,Chen San-Ni,Chen Wen-Lu,Hsu Sheng-Min,Lai Chien-Hsiung,Sheu Shwu-Jiuan,Wu Pei-Chang,Wu Wei-Chi,Wu Wen-Chuan,Yang Chung-May,Yeung Ling,Chen Ta-Ching,Yang Chang-HaoORCID


AbstractThe management of neovascular age-related macular degeneration (nAMD) has taken a major stride forward with the advent of anti-VEGF agents. The treat-and-extend (T&E) approach is a refined management strategy, tailoring to the individual patient’s disease course and treatment outcome. To provide guidance to implementing anti-VEGF T&E regimens for nAMD in resource-limited health care systems, an advisory board was held to discuss and generate expert consensus, based on local and international guidelines, current evidence, as well as local experience and reimbursement policies. In the experts’ opinion, treatment of nAMD should aim to maximize and maintain visual acuity benefits while minimizing treatment burden. Based on current evidence, treatment could be initiated with 3 consecutive monthly injections. After the initial period, treatment interval may be extended by 2 or 4 weeks each time for the qualified patients (i.e. no BCVA loss ≥5 ETDRS letters and dry retina), and a maximum interval of 16 weeks is permitted. For patients meeting the shortening criteria (i.e. any increased fluid with BCVA loss ≥5 ETDRS letters, or presence of new macular hemorrhage or new neovascularization), the treatment interval should be reduced by 2 or 4 weeks each time, with a minimal interval of 4 weeks. Discontinuation of anti-VEGF may be considered for those who have received 2–3 consecutive injections spaced 16 weeks apart and present with stable disease. For these individuals, regular monitoring (e.g. 3–4 months) is recommended and monthly injections should be reinstated upon signs of disease recurrence.


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Ophthalmology,General Medicine








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