The Corticospinal Excitability Can Be Predicted by Spontaneous Electroencephalography Oscillations


Cai Guiyuan,Wu Manfeng,Ding Qian,Lin Tuo,Li Wanqi,Jing Yinghua,Chen Hongying,Cai Huiting,Yuan Tifei,Xu Guangqing,Lan Yue


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has a wide range of clinical applications, and there is growing interest in neural oscillations and corticospinal excitability determined by TMS. Previous studies have shown that corticospinal excitability is influenced by fluctuations of brain oscillations in the sensorimotor region, but it is unclear whether brain network activity modulates corticospinal excitability. Here, we addressed this question by recording electroencephalography (EEG) and TMS measurements in 32 healthy individuals. The resting motor threshold (RMT) and active motor threshold (AMT) were determined as markers of corticospinal excitability. The least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) was used to identify significant EEG metrics and then correlation analysis was performed. The analysis revealed that alpha2 power in the sensorimotor region was inversely correlated with RMT and AMT. Innovatively, graph theory was used to construct a brain network, and the relationship between the brain network and corticospinal excitability was explored. It was found that the global efficiency in the theta band was positively correlated with RMT. Additionally, the global efficiency in the alpha2 band was negatively correlated with RMT and AMT. These findings indicated that corticospinal excitability can be modulated by the power spectrum in sensorimotor regions and the global efficiency of functional networks. EEG network analysis can provide a useful supplement for studying the association between EEG oscillations and corticospinal excitability.


National Natural Science Foundation of China

Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities

Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Project

National Key Research and Development Program of China


Frontiers Media SA


General Neuroscience

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