Current and Potential Applications of Atmospheric Cold Plasma in the Food Industry


Khumsupan Darin1,Lin Shin-Ping2ORCID,Hsieh Chang-Wei3ORCID,Santoso Shella Permatasari4,Chou Yu-Jou5ORCID,Hsieh Kuan-Chen5ORCID,Lin Hui-Wen6ORCID,Ting Yuwen5ORCID,Cheng Kuan-Chen1567ORCID


1. Institute of Biotechnology, College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University, Taipei City 106319, Taiwan

2. School of Food Safety, Taipei Medical University, Taipei City 110, Taiwan

3. Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung City 402, Taiwan

4. Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Catholic University, Surabaya 60114, Indonesia

5. Institute of Food Science and Technology, College of Bioresources and Agriculture, National Taiwan University, Taipei City 106319, Taiwan

6. Department of Optometry, Asia University, Taichung City 41354, Taiwan

7. Department of Medical Research, China Medical University Hospital, Taichung City 404327, Taiwan


The cost-effectiveness and high efficiency of atmospheric cold plasma (ACP) incentivise researchers to explore its potentials within the food industry. Presently, the destructive nature of this nonthermal technology can be utilised to inactivate foodborne pathogens, enzymatic ripening, food allergens, and pesticides. However, by adjusting its parameters, ACP can also be employed in other novel applications including food modification, drying pre-treatment, nutrient extraction, active packaging, and food waste processing. Relevant studies were conducted to investigate the impacts of ACP and posit that reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (RONS) play the principal roles in achieving the set objectives. In this review article, operations of ACP to achieve desired results are discussed. Moreover, the recent progress of ACP in food processing and safety within the past decade is summarised while current challenges as well as its future outlook are proposed.


Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan




Chemistry (miscellaneous),Analytical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Physical and Theoretical Chemistry,Molecular Medicine,Drug Discovery,Pharmaceutical Science







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