First Determination of Glycidyl Ester Species in Edible Oils by Reverse-Phase Ultra-Performance Liquid Chromatography Coupled with an Evaporative Light-Scattering Detector


Wu Ping-Yi,Chen Hsuan,Su Nan-Wei,Chiou Tai-YingORCID,Lee Wei-Ju


In this work, a new ultra-performance liquid chromatograph-evaporative light-scattering detector (UPLC-ELSD) method for quantitation of glycidyl esters (GE) contents in edible oils is presented. The method features complete separation of five GE species within 20 min by a C18 column and gradient elution with a mobile phase consisting of 85% and 2.5% methanol aqueous solutions. The coefficients of regression (R2) were all ≥0.9999 for the linear-quadratic regression curves of GE species in a concentration range of 5~80 μg/mL. The intraday and interday recoveries (%) of GE species in solvent were in a range of 81.3~107.3%, and the intraday and interday coefficients of variation (CVs, %) were all ≤8.6%. The average recovery (%) of GE species spiked in extra-virgin olive oil samples ranged from 88.3~107.8% and the intermediate precision (CV, %) of ≤14% indicated acceptable accuracy and precision. The method exhibited limit of quantification (LOQ) for each GE species (0.6 μg glycidol equivalents/g oil). The method was applied to determine GE concentrations of six commercial oil samples, and total glycidol equivalents were consistent with data obtained by GC-MS method. This UPLC-ELSD method could be adopted for precursory screening and research purposes to improve food safety when MS detectors are unavailable.


Taiwanese Ministry of Science and Technology




Chemistry (miscellaneous),Analytical Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Physical and Theoretical Chemistry,Molecular Medicine,Drug Discovery,Pharmaceutical Science

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