Application of a Deep Learning System in Pterygium Grading and Further Prediction of Recurrence with Slit Lamp Photographs


Hung Kuo-HsuanORCID,Lin ChihungORCID,Roan Jinsheng,Kuo Chang-FuORCID,Hsiao Ching-Hsi,Tan Hsin-Yuan,Chen Hung-ChiORCID,Ma David Hui-Kang,Yeh Lung-Kun,Lee Oscar Kuang-Sheng


Background: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of a deep learning system in pterygium grading and recurrence prediction. Methods: This was a single center, retrospective study. Slit-lamp photographs, from patients with or without pterygium, were collected to develop an algorithm. Demographic data, including age, gender, laterality, grading, and pterygium area, recurrence, and surgical methods were recorded. Complex ocular surface diseases and pseudopterygium were excluded. Performance of the algorithm was evaluated by sensitivity, specificity, F1 score, accuracy, and area under the receiver operating characteristic curve. Confusion matrices and heatmaps were created to help explain the results. Results: A total of 237 eyes were enrolled, of which 176 eyes had pterygium and 61 were non-pterygium eyes. The training set and testing set were comprised of 189 and 48 photographs, respectively. In pterygium grading, sensitivity, specificity, F1 score, and accuracy were 80% to 91.67%, 91.67% to 100%, 81.82% to 94.34%, and 86.67% to 91.67%, respectively. In the prediction model, our results showed sensitivity, specificity, positive predictive value, and negative predictive values were 66.67%, 81.82%, 33.33%, and 94.74%, respectively. Conclusions: Deep learning systems can be useful in pterygium grading based on slit lamp photographs. When clinical parameters involved in the prediction of pterygium recurrence were included, the algorithm showed higher specificity and negative predictive value in prediction.


Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital




Clinical Biochemistry

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