Nitric Oxide Mobilizes Intracellular Zn2+ via the GC/cGMP/PKG Signaling Pathway and Stimulates Adipocyte Differentiation


Chen Chien-Wei,Chen Luen-Kui,Huang Tai-Ying,Yang De-MingORCID,Liu Shui-Yu,Tsai Pei-Jiun,Chen Tien-Hua,Lin Heng-Fu,Juan Chi-ChangORCID


Plasma and tissue zinc ion levels are associated with the development of obesity. Previous studies have suggested that zinc ions may regulate adipocyte metabolism and that nitric oxide (NO) plays a pivotal role in the regulation of adipocyte physiology. Our previous study showed that chronic NO deficiency causes a significant decrease in adipose tissue mass in rats. Studies also suggested that zinc ions play an important modulatory role in regulating NO function. This study aims to explore the role of zinc ions in NO-regulated adipocyte differentiation. We hypothesized that NO could increase intracellular Zn2+ level and then stimulate adipocyte differentiation. ZnCl2 and the NO donor, NONOate, were used to explore the effects of Zn2+ and NO on adipocyte differentiation. Regulatory mechanisms of NO on intracellular Zn2+ mobilization were determined by detection. Then, Zn2+-selective chelator TPEN was used to clarify the role of intracellular Zn2+ on NO-regulated adipocyte differentiation. Furthermore, the relationship between adipocyte size, Zn2+ level, and NOS expression in human subcutaneous fat tissue was elucidated. Results showed that both ZnCl2 and NO stimulated adipocyte differentiation in a dose-dependent manner. NO stimulated intracellular Zn2+ mobilization in adipocytes through the guanylate cyclase (GC)/cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP)/protein kinase G (PKG) pathway, and NO-stimulated adipocyte differentiation was Zn2+-dependent. In human subcutaneous adipose tissue, adipocyte size was negatively correlated with expression of eNOS. In conclusion, NO treatment stimulates intracellular Zn2+ mobilization through the GC/cGMP/PKG pathway, subsequently stimulating adipocyte differentiation.


Ministry of Science and Technology

FEMH-NYCU Joint Research Program




Inorganic Chemistry,Organic Chemistry,Physical and Theoretical Chemistry,Computer Science Applications,Spectroscopy,Molecular Biology,General Medicine,Catalysis

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