Calcium Channel Blocker-Related Chylous Ascites: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Tsai Meng-Ko,Lai Chao-Hung,Chen Li-Mien,Jong Gwo-PingORCID


Background: Chylous ascites is an uncommon condition characterized by a white, milky-appearing peritoneal fluid, and is related to disruption of the lymphatic system from any cause. There have been very few previous reports of calcium channel blockers (CCBs) as potential causes of chylous ascites, and most of the patients were undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Aims: To review the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, laboratory examinations, treatment options, and prognosis of patients with CCB-related chylous ascites. Method: A retrospective analysis was conducted for patients with CCB-related chylous ascites from publications in PubMed, EMBASE, and LILACS between January 1993 and December 2018. Results: A total of 48 cases were included. The average age at disease onset was 50.2 ± 10.9 years, with a male:female ratio of 1.5:1.0. The symptoms of abdominal distension/pain and chylous ascites were observed within 48–72 h of drug initiation and disappeared within 24 h of drug withdrawal. Rechallenge was performed in 10 patients, and all (100%) of them showed chylous effluents that disappeared within 24 h after stopping drug treatment. Conclusions: To summarize, CCB-related chylous ascites is formed of white, milky ascites/effluents that appear after administration of CCBs. Physicians must be aware of the possibility of chylous ascites when administering CCBs, particularly in patients with renal function impairment or patients with end-stage renal disease who are undergoing peritoneal dialysis.




General Medicine

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