Lumbrokinase from earthworm extract ameliorates second-hand smoke-induced cardiac fibrosis


Lai Chao-Hung12,Han Chien-Kuo3,Shibu Marthandam Asokan4,Pai Pei Ying5,Ho Tsung-Jung67,Day Cecilia Hsuan8,Tsai Fuu-Jen6,Tsai Chang-Hai9,Yao Chun-Hsu10,Huang Chih-Yang346


1. Graduate Institute of Aging Medicine; China Medical University; Taichung Taiwan

2. Division of Cardiology; Department of Internal Medicine; Armed Force Taichung General Hospital; Taichung Taiwan

3. Department of Health and Nutrition Biotechnology; Asia University; Taichung Taiwan

4. Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science; China Medical University; Taichung Taiwan

5. Division of Cardiology; China Medical University Hospital; Taichung Taiwan

6. Graduate Institute of Chinese Medical Science; China Medical University; Taichung Taiwan

7. Department of Chinese Medicine; China Medical University Beigang Hospital; Taiwan

8. Department of Nursing; MeiHo University; Pingtung Taiwan

9. Department of Healthcare Administration; Asia University; Taichung Taiwan

10. Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Science; China Medical University; Taichung Taiwan


Taiwan Department of Health, Clinical Trial and Research Center of Excellence




Health, Toxicology and Mutagenesis,Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law,Toxicology,General Medicine

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